Bodywork Massage Studios (Columbia) - Every BODY Needs Massage
Frequently Asked Questions

* Why don't I see any time slots available on this specific date?

If the Time and Date selection that you would like to schedule do not appear on the calendar, it is not available.

* What kind of oils and lotions do you use?

We use all premium Oils and Lotions for your Massage session. All natural, paraben free and unscented.

* What is the difference between a Massage Therapist and a Masseuse?

Massage Therapist are trained to use therapeutic massage techniques at an accredited program.  Upon graduating we are required to pass a National Certification Exam and State Licensing test.   Masseuse do not.
* Why am I only able to schedule one apppointment at a time, my 1st time using the system?

This rule has been set in place to assure the reliability of new clients to prevent multiple No call / No shows and Cancellations